About Me

I am a student potter, currently attending Wichita East High School. I began by taking ceramic courses with John McCluggage at Mark Arts in Wichita, KS. As I developed my skill and artistic preferences, I began to explore more on my own. ┬áDuring the summer of 2015, I started gathering resources and equipment for my home studio through crowd-funding on GoFundMe.com. My studio and I are at a point that allows me to explore the trade part of my art. With this, I am beginning to develop an understanding of the market and how to balance my preference with others’.

About My Work

As I progress, I delve deeper into my utilitarian work. Making wares that people can utilize is important to me. I make gallery style and decorative wares as well. I have a number of community projects and shows in planning. I have participated at the Kansas City and Wichita MakerFaires by demonstrating the throwing process and selling my wares. It is my joy to share my art with the community, and to demonstrate and inspire young and old alike to learn the craft. I hope to expand the reach of my work to many more areas and people.